Lv.12: Armstrong Whitworth Whitley
Lv.20: Halifax SBD Dauntless Tupolev SB-2
Lv.30: Short Stirling B-17 Flying Fortress Ilyushin DB-3
Lv.42: Lancaster B-25 Mitchell SB2C Helldiver Petlyakov PE-2
Lv.49: Avro Lancaster B II Petlyakov PE-21
Lv.56: B-24 Liberator Curtiss SB2C-3 Helldiver Tupolev TU-2
Lv.68: Bristol Brigand Consolidated B-24C Liberator Tupolev Tu-2D
Lv.84: Bristol Brigand B1 Boeing B-29D Superfortress
Lv.102: Boeing B-29D Superfortress North American A-36 Invader Tupolev Tu-8

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