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Overview Edit

Field supplies are crates that are sent by Headquarters when a player reaches a milestone Level Up (Level 40,50 etc.).

They contain items that are appropriate for the player at their current playing level (or slightly above).

A field Supplies crate can be opened 4 times only and cannot be opened sooner than every 4 hours

Receiving Edit

Gift Tab
Gift Box

When Field Supplies appear, a small blinking 'present' icon will appear near the Menu button on the main screen.

When you go into the Gift tab on the My Information window you will see a number next to the Gift Received Open List Button.

Clicking on the Open List Button will show all the Gifts that are available. You can check the select box(es) and click the Receive Selected button to put the item(s) into your inventory.

Opening Edit

Field Supplies

All gifts received this way will be stored on the Function tab of the My Items window.

Gift crates can only be opened in the Hangar window. They can be stored in the Warehouse and sold in the Item Shop but they cannot be traded.

By double clicking on the crate it will open and you will receive the item contained within.

Gift Box Open 1
Gift Box Open 2
Gift Box Open 3