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Heroes In The Sky

Heroes In the Sky (HIS) is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game (MMOG).

You are a World War II fighter pilot and there's a big sky waiting to be conquered.

You will start at the bottom rank with access only to a biplane. Over time you can quickly build up your own fleet of fighter planes, bombers and reconnaissance planes, and you will have access to build, or purchase, more advanced weapons, planes and to develop your skills.

All over the globe the Allies and the Axis Powers are fighting each other and you're smack dab in the middle of it all.

In HIS you'll fly mission sorties in the historic battlefields from that era: Guadalcanal, Pearl Harbor, Malta and many more.

Hone your flying skills and prove your worth. As you skills improve, you can join regular 'wars' which are extended campaigns that consist of many battles in different areas - here your actions can contribute to 'turning' the war in favour of your side.

If you wish, you can enter the PvP battlefields, where you can set out alone or with your guild to engage in fierce dogfights, to conquer regions, and to show others what you and your plane are made of.

HIS is a huge game with scores of planes, hundreds of missions and thousands of items.  There is currently a large numer of regular players of all levels and most are friendly and helpful.  The others are probably flying on the other side of the front-line and will try to shoot you down.


System requirements Tutorial Latest activity
Great Britain Fighters USA Fighters Soviet Union Fighters
Allied Gunners Allied Bombers
German Fighters Japanese Fighters Italian Fighters
Skills Skill Points Quests
Field Supplies Mission Room Missions
Main Flight Screen Main Mission Screen The Base
Rank Insignia Flight Views Sandbox


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