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Players start at level 1 and gain experience from successful actions within the game, including kills, completing some quests, participating in Player vs Player play, completing missions, and successfully defending or attacking locations in Occupational War.

As a player gains levels, they unlock additional capabilities including the following.

  • gain levels and rank
  • equip stronger and better components for their plane
  • gain medals through game play
  • construct, upgrade, and fly more powerful planes
  • purchase higher level equipment at the Item Shop and Black Market
  • build equipment from Production Blueprints at the Gear Lab
  • receive and complete quests on higher level missions
  • participate in Occupational War play (at level 37+)
  • participate in Raids (at level 42+)
  • create an academy to help others (at level 42+)
  • visit additional map areas and fly their missions.

Starting at level 42, the player gains the ability to build their own plane from a combination of a blueprint and parts.


When a player gains a certain amount of experience they automatically move to the next level. No actions are required, but the player may wish to change or acquire equipment that is more suitable for their advanced level.

Power LevellingEdit

Players that wish to gain levels as quickly as possible may wish to perform the following.

  • Join an Academy to get access to assistance from senior players and experience bonuses
  • Accept quests that offer an experience payout. The men in the Ops Base offer these quests, as does the Bartender in the Bar.
  • Fly Veteran and Ace quests (when available) with more senior players to assure they can be completed.
  • Always join squadrons when flying missions to share counters toward any quests (e.g. "Shoot down X planes" counters)
  • Fly missions where the experience payout per kill is higher.
  • Purchase the Premium Store permanent item that allows the player to have 10 simultaneous quests open.
  • Purchase premium items (decals) that give experience bonuses
  • Play during special HiS events where "2x experience" or better are awarded.
  • "Grind" and complete all quests for easier-to-complete missions.