The Main Flight Screen shows a view of the world around the plane

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There are several view types that are available within HIS.  Go to the Flight Views page to see the different views that are available.

Most of the views are overlaid by the Heads Up Display (HUD) which shows the most vital information about your current situation and the current mission.

This is a list of your Allies for this missionMission ObjectivesShort range radarThis shows your current altitudeThis is the Airspeed indicatorYour current coordinates within this mapYour awarded Gimme LeavesTarget ObjectivesMissing RequirementsAlly IndicatorLife PotionFirst SkillSecond SkillSecond WeaponShots AvailableUnknownPlane HealthEngine Temp GuageAiming ReticleLong Range RadarPlayer IndicatorsCurrent TargetIntercom AreaMain Flying Screen 1

This image is clickable. Rollover the different parts of the HUD to see a brief description or click on an area to be taken to the full description below.

Ally List Edit

This area contains the names of the you and the other players who are participating in this mission with you. The players names vave a coloured overlay that represents a 'health bar'. Thjis graphically shows the amount of damage that each player's plane has taken during this mission.

Mission Objective Edit

This is a brief summary of your orders for this current mission. If you cannot complete these orders you will fail the mission.

Altimeter Edit

This shows you your current height above the ground. The scale is divided into 5 sections Red (L), Bright Green, Dark Green, Light Green and Red (H).

Short Range Radar Edit

The short Range Radar Screen shows all allies and emeny targets in a close map that is centred around your plane

Aiming Reticle Edit

The Aiming Reticle is visible from any forward view of the plane. The reticle is dynamic and will change depending on circumstances. The image below shows some variations of the default reticles.

Machine GunMachine Gun with TargetMachine Gun OverheatingMachine Gun HitSecondary WeaponSecondary Weapon TargettedSecondary Weapon HitReticles

The reticles can be changed/upgraded with a purchase in the Premium Shop.

Airspeed Indicator Edit

This shows your planes current airspeed.

Coordinates Edit

Your current coordinates within this map. Can be used to tell (Player) Allies where you are.

Gimme Leaf Edit

This shows the number of Gimme Leaves that you have been awarded for this current Mission. See the Gimme Leaf pages for more information.

Target Objectives Edit

The main objectives necessary for you to succeed in this Mission.

Missing Requirements Edit

These are additional objectives that are also required to be completed to succeed at this Mission.

Ally Indicator Edit

This indicator shows your closest ally. This indicator can appear anywhere on the screen. if the Ally is off the screen the indicator will show a blue arrow that points in the most direct direction to your Ally.  Should you be in trouble you should fly towards them for assistance.

Life Potion Edit

A Life Potion (also known as a Love Potion) this can be accessed during a battle to recover 50% of your health. Press Q to use. Cannot be used during PvP battles.

First Skill Edit

The first skill that you have allocated. Press X to use this skill. Descriptions of slills can be found here Skills.

Second Skill Edit

The second skill that you have allocated. Press Z to use this skill. Descriptions of slills can be found here Skills.

Second Weapon Edit

This is a small image to show you what is your currently selected second weapon.

The weapons are pictured as here. Click to navigate to more information

CanonBombMissileAir BombsSecondary Weapons

Click on a weapon to go to the relevant page for a full description

Shots Available Edit

This shows the current number of shots available for your currently selected secondary weapon. When this number is zero you will not be able to fire your secondary weapon. The secondary weapons are reloaded automatically and over time this indicator will increase to Maximum.

Unknown Edit

This indicator sits on six

Plane Health Edit

This Guage

Engine Temp Guage Edit

This shows the current temperature of your engine. Using the Engine Boost causes the engine to overheat.

Long Range Radar Edit

Player Indicators Edit

Current Target Edit

This enemy is your currently selected target.

Intercom Area Edit

This area displays information sent to you during the Mission.

This information might include...

  • messages from other players
  • messages from HQ
  • rewards received

This area consists of...
The first icon on the left signifying ...
The second icon shows ...
Top right contains the instrument panel. A circular radar screen and to its right the vertical altimeter and below these your airspeed and the map coordinates of your current position.

The radar screen shows the terrain over which you are flying.
Your plane is represented by the white plane icon in the middle of the circular display.  The display rotates whenever you turn your plane, so that the top of the display is the direction that you are flying towards. The radar screen will show you the location of your allied forces, with blue icons, and the enemy forces, with red icons.  The map boundaries are also shown here as a shaded red line, should you try to venture out-of-bounds your plane will be forcibly turned around.

The coloured vertical bar to the right of the radar screen is your altimeter, this shows the hight above the ground that your plane is flying.
The horizontal white bar shows your planes current height.
Flying in the red at the bottom of the scale indicates that you are risking a colision with the ground - or other features at ground level like, trees buildings, bridges etc.
Flying in the red at the top of the scale indicates that you are near the maximum height (cieling) and are risking stalling. When stalled you have no access to power from the engine and can therefore not control the plane at all except to turn left or right and fire the weapons. A stall will be preceeded by a loud warning beep to give you time to turn down and lose some altitude before the stall is encountered. If you do stall it will last for several seconds.

The airspeed and the location coordinates are for information purposes only and have little bearing on your ability to fly.

In the top right of the screen you may also see a leaf icon with a number. This shows the number of gimme leaf rewards that you have earned in this mission.

There can also be a text display in this corner of the screen that informs you of the current level of your kill combo and the Ghem multiplier that you have earned for this current killing streak.

The centre right hand side of the screen shows your current mission objectives. Keep an eye on these because all objectives must be met before you can succeed at the missions. There is also a display to show you how far you have progressed on each part of the mission objectives.  Many of the missions have several parts and some parts must be completed before you are offered the remaining parts.  If this happens you will see a popup in the middle of the screen (a white bordered grey box) with several numbered options