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Overview Edit

Quests in Heroes In The Sky are challenges that are available to you to complete whilst you are completing Missions, playing PvP or completing tasks, such as manufacturing an item or buying a weapon. There are hundreds of Quests available and the rewards allow you to progress much faster through the game.

Obtaining Quests Edit

Quest Options

Quests are offered to you by one of 5 NPCs in the game. The NPCs are Commander Gregera (Commander) and Officer Michael (Officer) whom you will find in the Base and Melassi von de Heim (Bartender), Officer Ben (Retired Officer) and Julia McQueen (Singer) who hangout in the Bar.

Access to the Quests area can be done in two main ways. Either from the Menu - Quests or via the three blue buttons in the top right corner of the Mission Room window.

When you enter via the Base or Bar button you will then need to select the person from whom you wish to receive your Quests. You will then need to select the quests relevant to you at the time.

You can only have up to 5 Quests active at any time but you can abandon Quests at any time. Note that any partial progress achieved in Quests that you abandon will be lost permanently. Abandoned Quests can be reselected at any time later, but you'll need to start from scratch.

Selecting Quests Edit

Quest Offer

After choosing the character to offer you Quests, you are presented with a list of available quests in the Receive Quest tab or a list of Quests currently allocated to you in the Received Quests tab.

By clicking on one of the Quests you are provided with the Quest Description and advised if there will be either a Reward and/or an Item upon sucessful completion of the Quest.

Some Quests will require a Mission to be repeated over and over until the required number of goals have been achieved.

Quests are only offered to you if you meet the criteria. The Quests offered, differ depending on whether you are playing the Mission as Rookie, Veteran or Ace and also depending on what your current Playing Level is.

The Quests screens have drop down lists to allow you to filter the offerings to something more manageable. The filters are for conflict Area, Mission Maps, player Level, Map Level and the person offering the Quest.

Quest Rewards Edit

Quest Rewards can be either Experience Points, Ghem, Items or Skill Points.

Skill points are offered only by the Retired Officer and only on some of his missions.

The other three rewards (Experience Points, Ghem, and Items) can be offered alone or in any combination of the three.

Monitoring The Progress Of Quests Edit

Completing Quests Edit

At the completion of each Mission you will be advised if you have completed any of your allocated Quests.

It is then necessary to return to the Received Quests tab where all the completed Quests appear greyed out. By selectinbg a completes Quest